Online Designer Guide.

Step 1.  This is the starting screen you'll see when you open the designer. Here you can choose to add text, clipart or upload an image. You can also choose a different shirt colour. Changing your shirt colour during your design will reset the designer to the start screen. You can also zoom in on your design to see it more clearly. 

Basic Instructions.

Step 2. Clicking the "A" icon opens the add text option. Here you can change the font, colour and size of your text. You can even make your text curved. This is particularly useful if you are designing a geomagnet or keyring and want your text to go around the outside of your design.

Step 3. Clicking on the clipart icon opens the clipart folders. Simply click on an image to add it to your design. You can flip, rotate and resize your image using the corner handles on the selection box.

Some images have colours that can be changed. These will appear as coloured dots to the left of the image. Clicking a dot will open the colour selection box. Clicking a new colour will change all instances of the old colour in the image to the new colour. If you don't like the new colour simply click on the original colour square on the top right of the colour selection box to revert to the original colour.


Step 4. You can upload a design or images of your own. Files must be in either jpg or png format. If your design has any transparent areas it will need to be a png file. Jpg images automatically convert transparent areas to a white background.

Uploading an image will make the filters icon active. Our designer has over 60 filters, a few of which are shown in the image below. You can even layer filters for more effects. Please note, filters ONLY change the selected uploaded image, they will not change clipart images or text. If you have uploaded more than one image you will need to use the filter on each one to change it.