About Us

Personal Caching is all about personalising your geocaching experience. We want you to be able to customise your geocaching gear with your geocaching avatar. We know you can't customise everything but we are constantly looking for new items you can customise and will add more products as we find them.

Our number one priority was to come up with a personalised swag item.
Swag items are things that geocachers leave in caches for other geocachers to find. The general rule is if you take something then try to leave something of equal value.While there are lots of personalised swag ideas around, eg pathtags, wooden nickels, painted rocks, leather items and even business style cards, none of them met all of our needs for a personalised signature swag item.
Some are so expensive they are rarely dropped in caches. Some are too flimsy or can't be coloured (we want pretty!). Some require skills such as metalworking, woodworking or just plain being good at crafts (our craft attempts never look like the sample pictures shown – think of those epic fail 'nailed it' photos you see on facebook!)
So we sat down and came up with a list of criteria for a new signature item.
It had to be something that:

  • was affordable for everyone
  • didn't have to be purchased in bulk
  • cachers could design themselves
  • could be pretty and colourful
  • was practical as a trade item, ie small and fun

And so the idea for geomagnets was born.

Geomagnets are lightweight, easily customisable, easy to display and best of all, inexpensive.
Geocaching is a family friendly activity and many families have more than one account. We wanted each family member to be able to have their own personalised swag item without having to take out a second mortgage! Our geomagnets start in packs as small as 10 for just $15.00. Of course the larger the pack you buy, the lower the cost per item.
Our smaller packs are also great if you want to add some text or make a small change to your basic design for a special event or occasion.

Geomagnets are all about fun and collecting so they don't have any sort of tracking code. We figure you already have enough logging to do for your geocaches and any travel bugs you find. If you do want your items to be loggable you could include a tracking code in your design and track them on a website that allows tracking of all items.

Create your personalised geomagnet now and start dropping them in geocaches for other cachers to find, taking them to events and trading them with friends and family.


We also have geomagnets to celebrate your geocaching achievements.

*Disclaimer* All items and designs on this website are the property of personalcaching.com and are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by any geocaching organisation.